Cable transits

MCT Brattberg’s modular cable transits are specially designed to carry cables and pipes through walls and floors. The penetration windows in the wall or floor are sealed both water- and gas-tight and fire-retardant using filler blocks sized for the cable and other filler materials. Without proper sealing, the place where the cables and/or pipes pass through the wall or floor was automatically one of the weak spots in the structure. On the contrary, the countless times successfully tested and certified MCT Brattberg cable grommets have become one of the most secure parts of the wall or floor in the building!


  • Controllable system, reduces the chance of errors during assembly
  • Protection against pressure, water, gas, smoke, explosions, vibrations, sound, radioactive radiation and vermin such as rats
  • Fire retardant (EN 1366 tested, A0, A60, H120)
  • Pre-greased blocks: simplifies and speeds up assembly
  • Tested and certified by virtually all classification societies
  • 25 year warranty if installed according to installation instructions

The cable glands are available in different sizes and designs and for different applications. A large part of the standard frames and padding is in stock with us
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MCT Brattberg transit products are used daily. From experience we know how important it is to maintain sufficient stocks, so that we can always meet the high logistical requirements set by the market as much as possible. A large part of the MCT Brattberg range is kept in large stock in our warehouse in the Netherlands.

In the webshop you can see the current stocks from our warehouse. Normally we can deliver the products in stock within 24 hours, if ordered before 3 p.m.

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