MCT Brattberg

The MCT Brattberg transits were originally developed as a multiple, compact and flexible transit for cables through steel ship walls. Over the years, the system was also made suitable and tested for the passage of pipes. Transits were also developed for other environments, such as offshore platforms and submarines, aluminum structures and concrete walls. As a result, the penetrations could also be used in, for example, cellars, tunnels, substations, laboratories and power plants.

In addition to being waterproof, the newer systems were now also fire-retardant, gas-tight, resistant to vermin and electromagnetic radiation. In addition, the systems were tested during explosions (ATEX approval), against long-term pressure (tests against 5, 6 or even 8 bar) and various derivative products were put on the market. In addition to high-quality penetrations for submarines and subsea installations in the offshore (RGPM, RGPH, LSJ), practical extensions to the system were also introduced, such as AddBlocks, U-blocks and more recently HandiBlocks.

MCT Brattberg and TTTBV

Theunissen Technical Trading BV (TTTBV) in Malden was founded in 1984. Since 1990 she has been the exclusive importer of the complete MCT Brattberg program for the Benelux.
TTTBV is active in various markets, including industry, construction, infrastructure, utility, shipping and offshore. MCT Brattberg is used in each of these market areas. The most common needs for MCT Brattberg cable and pipe transit applications are:

  • Waterproofing (including groundwater, storage tanks for liquids)
  • Fire retardant finish conduit opening
  • Gas-tight finishing of spaces

De fabrikant

MCT Brattberg aims to protect people and property through the design, development and manufacture of high quality cable and pipe transits. The production process of MCT Brattberg has been ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 certified for years.

Sustainability seems to be a part of Swedish nature: MCT Brattberg has always cared about the environment and has been located next to a forest and a river since its origins in 1759; the Lyckeby River. Next to the waterfall in this river was the ideal location for the factory to get naturally generated electricity. Today, a significant part of the plant’s energy consumption is still derived from hydropower.

The products

An MCT Brattberg Multi conduit system contributes to the safety of those involved through passive prevention, effectively blocking the ingress of water and the spread of gas or fire from one room to another.

The MCT Brattberg blocks are system designed to exactly match the diameter of any cable or pipe to be passed through. As a result, no material is wasted during the installation of the cable entry system.

The system is made up of natural materials: steel frames and rubber parts, these are completely halogen-free, in addition, the lubricant used to guarantee complete gas and water-tightness of the seal is 100% natural.

Every MCT Brattberg cable and pipe transit has a modular construction, in case of necessary changes or additions of cables or pipes, the system can largely be reused. The MCT Brattberg system, because it is built from natural and sustainable materials, has a lifespan of many decades (minimum 25 years).

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