Branches MCT Brattberg

The market for maritime and offshore structures, such as ships and platforms, is very dynamic and innovative. MCT Brattberg’s cable transits originate from this market. In the early 1950s, MCT Brattberg introduced a worldwide innovation, which replaced the conventional cable glands with a single modular cable entry system. By welding steel windows into the ship’s hull or into the platform wall, an opening is created that can be filled with modular spacers in such a way that cables and pipes of various diameters are sealed. The space in front and behind it is thus protected against water, gas and fire penetration. In addition to the regular penetrations, MCT Brattberg also offers various high-pressure penetrations in this market, for use in, for example, the subsea constructions of platforms and even for the protection of submarines, both with internal penetrations and external penetrations.

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