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Triton Knoll

The Triton Knoll Offshore Wind Farm reached an important milestone over the weekend, April 12, when the first of two Siemens Offshore Transformer ModulesĀ® (OTM) – the offshore substation platforms – were transported and installed.

The OTM left the ENGIE Fabricom yard in Hoboken on April 6 and reached its offshore location a few days later on April 12. Here the platform was successfully installed by Subsea 7’s heavy lift vessel Seaway Strashnov on the monopile foundation: the transition piece and cable deck produced by Smulders at the Wallsend yard near Newcastle.

The OTMs stabilize and maximize the voltage of the power received offshore before the electricity is transported to land. The OTMs weigh 1,400 tons each and are 41 meters high with a surface area of 560 mĀ². Both will be installed on a monopile foundation, some 16 meters below sea level.

The wind farm will be built about 32 km off the coast of Lincolnshire, England, with a potential capacity of 856 MW. The wind farm will provide approximately 800,000 households with green energy.

The MCT Brattberg transit systems used ensure an airtight and fireproof transit of the cables in the OTM modules. The cable transits also help to minimize maintenance. If no adjustments are made, they do not need to be looked after for at least 25 years.

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