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RGP and RGPO same from March 1

The round RGP transits from MCT Brattberg were originally developed for the passage of pipes in ship walls and in offshore applications. The RGP is also widely used as a transit in existing concrete walls, as it can be mounted in a hole drilled to the correct size without any additional tools. The RGP is a pressure-tight penetration, which is also certified as a fire-retardant penetration.

The RGPO was previously an RGP that was opened on one longitudinal side, also called the ‘open’ version (see image). The ‘open’ version of the RGP was and is intended for retrofitting, with the cables already drawn. The round conduit can then be placed around the cables by pulling the rubber slightly open by hand. After this, the round RGP transit, with all cables already in the square recess of the transit, can be placed in the wall, tube or sleeve. Technically and functionally, the RGP and RGPO were and are completely equivalent in all respects. Same dimensions, specifications, price and certificates.

RGP kabeldoorvoering

From March 1, all round RGP transits will be provided with an opening/cut in the longitudinal direction. The previous distinction between RGP and RGPO disappears. The manufacturer is in fact going back from two product lines in its range to one. The RGPO product line has become redundant, as the RGP is now available as standard as an ‘open’ version. From now on, future quotations, orders and deliveries must be based on the article numbers and names of the RGP, which are already in force.

The standard sizes of the RGP are:

  • RGP 50
  • RGP 50L
  • RGP 70
  • RGP 100
  • RGP 125
  • RGP 150
  • RGP 200
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