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Welding cable transits

The modular cable transits from MCT Brattberg have been specially developed to feed cables and pipes through walls and floors. The cables are sealed with the help of the MCT Brattberg transits, which are water-tight, gas-tight and fire-retardant. In shipbuilding and offshore, but also in steel tanks and containers, for example, the windows are in most cases welded into the wall or floor. The lead-through frame thus becomes an integral part of the wall or floor, without the need for bolts and separate gaskets for proper fastening.

Welding frame RGS

RGS is MCT Brattberg’s standard welding frame for marine applications. The frame, like all other RGS windows and RGB windows, has a standard internal width of 120mm and is 60mm deep. The RGS window is 10mm thick as standard. There are four sizes of RGS, designated 2, 4, 6 and 8, depending on their height. The RGS 2 is the smallest with approx. 100mm internal height, the RGS8 is the largest with approx. 280mm. The transit windows can be used in both vertical and horizontal position. Based on these standard sizes, multiple frames are possible in numerous combinations. The RGS is welded into a precision pre-cut hole in the deck or bulkhead.
The RGS windows are produced in steel, stainless steel (316L) or aluminum.

Primer frames RGS


RVS frames RGS

stainless steel

Aluminium frames RGS



When welding an RGS transits, it is important that this is done according to the specifications of the manufacturer. This is necessary to prevent deformation of the frame, so that the lead-through window is really waterproof, gas-tight and fire-retardant once it is completely filled with cables, filler blocks and an end seal. There are different versions of the RGS frame for different applications.

You will find the welding instructions below, which differ slightly per material type.

Below is a short instructional video showing how an MCT Brattberg RGS window should be welded into a steel or aluminum wall or floor.

Installation: filling the frame

The instruction video below is available for filling the welding frame, both with cables and associated blocks and other filling materials.

Need help with the installation or need a (free) course for a number of technicians/calculators? We work together with a few trusted partner companies, who have a lot of practical experience and regularly carry out installation work with cable penetrations from MCT Brattberg. If desired, we would be happy to put you in touch with one of our installation partners, so that you can rely on guaranteed correct installation.

For the installation and assembly course as well as for addresses of our assembly partners, please contact Barry Hoefnagels .

Typen RGS

There are various versions of the RGS transit, developed for specific applications or to meet additional safety requirements.

  • RGS Welded window, the most commonly used window type for maritime applications.
  • RGSO As RGS, but with detachable end part (if cables are already present).
  • RGSF when there is (already) a hole that does not exactly match here the flange can be matched without repair work
  • RGSC A window with rounded corners, which reduces the risk of cracking in the ship’s hull.
  • RGSK An extra deep window, intended for use on outside decks.
  • RGSR Intended for locations subject to extreme loads.
  • RGSBtB A double penetration with intermediate chamber, pressure-tight on both sides. Suitable for individual pressure test. Resistant to ‘jet-fire’







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MCT Brattberg transit products are used daily. From experience we know better than anyone how important it is to maintain sufficient stocks, so that we can always meet the high logistical and availability requirements set by the market as much as possible. A large part of the MCT Brattberg range is kept in large stock in our warehouse in the Netherlands.

In the webshop you can see the current stocks from our warehouse. Normally we can deliver the products in stock within 24 hours, if ordered before 3 p.m.

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