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Pour in concrete

Pouring a cable transit  frame into a concrete wall is an excellent way to install a cable entry, as this way the lead-through frame forms an integral part of the wall, without the use of bolts or gaskets. The choice of collapsing a cable entry window applies to new construction or renovation, where it is already determined in which position which entry windows are desired prior to installing the wall. It must therefore be determined in advance, how many and which cables must be fed through. For the collapse of MCT Brattberg transit windows, the window type RGB should be used. The flange of the RGB frame ensures a firm anchoring in the wall, so that the penetration is placed in exactly the desired position and the passage window itself is automatically mounted watertight .

RGB is MCT Brattberg’s standard frame for use in concrete walls and floors that are still in place. The frame has a standard internal width of 120mm and is 60mm deep. There are four basic sizes of the RGB, labeled 2, 4, 6, and 8, depending on their height. The transit windows can be used in both vertical and horizontal position. Based on these standard sizes, multiple frames are possible in numerous combinations, both horizontally and vertically. The RGB penetrations must be poured in with the flange in the middle of the wall.

Different materials

The RGB frames are available in primed steel, galvanized steel and stainless steel. In any case, we recommend choosing galvanized, which is more resistant to rust. For a guaranteed stainless application, the windows are also offered in stainless steel 316L.

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RGB instort kabeldoorvoering MCT Brattberg


RGB kabeldoorvoering ingestort
RBG transit with blind blocks

The frame, in this case an RGB4x2, was initially poured in, by placing it in the formwork before the concrete wall was poured. The double feed-through window is then completely filled with ‘blind’ blocks. This makes the conduit opening watertight and fire-retardant sealed. At a later stage, one or more of these blind blocks can, if desired, be replaced by insert blocks in order to place cables therein, after which the penetration must be refilled up to and including the end seal.

RGB6X6 kabel frames ingestort in beton
Multiple galvanized RGB frames casted in

These six-fold RGB frames have been collapsed neatly straight, ready to be filled in the next stage with filler material and all cables to be fed through. RGB windows are mainly poured in for new construction projects, where it can be planned in advance how large the required transit windows should be and where they will be located in the building. A common position is below ground level, as there is a risk here that groundwater will enter along the incoming cables.

EMC kabeldoorvoering in betonnen wand
EMC transit

This multiple RGB window is collapsed into the wall and then filled with EMC-resistant materials. This penetration offers the same protection as regular RGB windows, against water, gas and fire penetration, but also offers protection against unwanted electromagnetic radiation. For an EMC-resistant penetration, use must be made of transit windows made of galvanized steel or stainless steel. The cables in this window are first peeled down to the earth screen, over a short piece of cable of approximately 1 cm. The special EMC-resistant blocks in this EMC version of the MCT Brattberg transit system are provided with a thin, conductive metal plate in the center of the transit block. In the middle of the penetration, this conductive material makes contact with the earth shield, so that unwanted electromagnetic radiation present on or around the cable is immediately diverted before the cables pass the wall. The transit windows must always be earthed for this.

The modular cable transits from MCT Brattberg have been specially developed to feed cables and pipes through walls and floors. In this way, the transit windows are sealed to be water-tight, gas-tight and fire-retardant.


  • Controllable system, reduces the chance of errors during assembly
  • Protection against pressure, water, gas, smoke, explosions, vibrations, sound, radioactive radiation and vermin such as rats
  • Fire retardant (EN 1366 tested, A0, A60, H120)
  • Pre-greased blocks: simplifies and speeds up assembly
  • Tested and certified by virtually all classification societies
  • 25 year warranty if installed according to installation instructions

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Casting foam RGB doorvoering
Block Styrofoam

Casting form polystyrene, available for all standard sizes of the RGB frames: 2-4-6-8. The Casting forms of MCT Brattberg are placed prior to the pouring of a concrete wall. After the concrete has cured, the casting form must be removed again. The MCT Brattberg Casting forms are made in such a way that additional space remains for placing the locking plates (somewhat protruding from the penetration), also known as stayplates.

CCM150 instortmodule 150mm
CCM casting module

Casting Concrete Module. Module to be collapsed into a concrete wall. In this way a watertight, round recess is created in the wall, which can later be filled with a penetration (the break-away cover must then be removed for this).

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Instort koker 150mm
Casting form

Casting form for making round recesses in the concrete. The round Casting form from MCT Brattberg is a temporary solution to create a round recess in a concrete wall that has yet to be poured. Once the concrete has cured, the round Casting form should be removed. An open round hole then remains, in contrast to the application of the CCM module, where the remaining hole is finished watertight with a breakable lid.

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MCT Brattberg transit products are used daily. From experience we know better than anyone how important it is to maintain sufficient stocks, so that we can always meet the high logistical and availability requirements set by the market as much as possible. A large part of the MCT Brattberg range is kept in large stock in our warehouse in the Netherlands.

In the webshop you can see the current stocks from our warehouse. Normally we can deliver the products in stock within 24 hours, if ordered before 3 p.m.

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