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Build up

Building a cable transit on a wall or floor is a commonly used solution for existing holes and/or cables that have already been drawn. Cabinet transits also belong to the build-up transits, on the page about cabinet seals you will find more information about this.


RGG is a standard window, based on the RGB, developed for use on lightweight walls. The RGG consists of two parts: a steel frame and a counterframe, which both hold the intermediate insulation in place and protect the surfaces of the wall. Both parts of the RGG have pre-drilled holes . The RGG has the same dimensions as the RGB. The counter frame is available in three different depths, so that it can be optimally matched to the existing wall thickness.

Single window tolerance: 3.5 mm.
Thickness of material is 6mm, except internal walls in multiple windows, which have a standard width of 10mm.


For installation of penetrations, where the cables have already been laid, the RGGO is used, which is provided with a detachable end part.

RGG opbouw kabeldoorvoering


The RGGOK frame is intended for use in existing situations . In essence, it is a surface-mounted frame, which must seal the existing through-hole in a wall or floor. Existing situations often involve cables that may not or cannot be removed, while at the same time there is a transit point that is insufficiently watertight or fire-retardant. Sometimes there is also the need to add a few cables. In all cases, it must be determined with which size RGGOK frame can completely seal the transit space, while at the same time the cable numbers, diameters and positions must be mapped. Based on that inventory, the correct type of RGGOK frame can be determined. If desired, our advisors will be happy to examine the situation on site, in order to be able to issue good advice.

As with RGS and RGB frames, the standard sizes are 2-4-6-8, but multiple frames are always possible. We have a number of types of RGGOK in stock, look for the current stock in our webshop:

RGGOK in the webshop
RGGOK - uitvergroting van sleuf in zijkant


The RGSFB is similar to the RGSF, only the RGSFB is provided with screw holes, so that the window can be bolted to a wall (as opposed to welding). The windows can be used in areas where heat (such as during welding) is prohibited, or in situations where welding entails unacceptable risks for the wall in question.

The frames are supplied as a complete kit, including drilled holes, screws and nuts, body washers and a compound. The latter is used between the flange and bulkhead or deck to ensure a water-tight and gas-tight penetration. The standard measures and weights are in accordance with those of the RGSF. For situations where an RGSF is required, but where the cables are already installed, the RGSFBO is available with open end.

RGSFB en RGSFBO frames rood geprimerd
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