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SIA (Traces in Assen)

At the end of 2016, contracting company Strukton started preparations for ‘Sporen in Assen’ on behalf of ProRail. Within this project, ProRail will work on the tracks, switches and platforms in Assen. The construction and installation of the platform tunnel is also part of this. The work was completed in mid-April 2017.

Tracks and switches
ProRail is adjusting the bend in the tracks in the direction of Groningen, so that it can be driven over at a higher speed in the future. The old points will also be replaced to reduce noise and enable faster train traffic. ProRail also removed tracks 4 and 5, which have been out of use for a long time, in September.

The current platform 1 is very narrow and is not used. ProRail is constructing a new platform 1 that is suitable for the Intercity. This new platform connects much better with the station building and the center. The central platform – also known as the ‘island platform’ – will be widened and equipped with wider stairs and a lift. In this way, the platform will soon be a lot more accessible.

The MCT transits are used here to create a safe, watertight transit for the incoming and outgoing cables.

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