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ATEX cable penetrations

For situations where MCT Brattberg penetrations have to be placed in an explosive environment, MCT Brattberg has developed a special line of IEC-Ex and ATEX approved frames and filling materials. All rubber filling materials for the EX penetrations are provided with a special, green, marking, also the stayplates, necessary for the anchoring of each layer of penetration blocks, are provided with a specific sticker with ATEX marking. All Ex certified products from MCT Brattberg are suitable for both Zone 1 and Zone 2.

All standard frames from MCT Brattberg can also be used in explosion-hazardous environments, where ATEX regulations are in force. MCT Brattberg has developed special ATEX blocks and components for the filling. There is a special requirement with regard to the open type frames. These are open windows of type RGG(O), for construction and industry, and type RGSFB(O), for offshore and shipping. In both cases a special ATEX approved gasket is required, which must be ordered in combination with the window.

To guarantee that the ATEX certified materials are classified as part of a certified transit, a few simple conditions must be met when ordering. Firstly, when ordering, it must be specified in advance for which zone (1 or 2) the penetration is intended. In addition, the frames and components, including the (mandatory) lubricant, must always be ordered in one complete order.

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