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The new HandiBlock

MCT Brattberg introduces the HandiBlock, part of the MCT Brattberg transit system. A safe, flexible and easily customizable sealing block for cables and pipes. Due to the large range per basic block, a large number of different cable and/or pipe diameters can be sealed with just one block. The HandiBlock is available in four sizes for cables and pipes from 4 to 54 mm.

The HandiBlock is ordered as a complete block, consisting of two basic blocks (Main blocks), two InsertStrips and an (optional) Handiplug. In this way, a Handiblock can be used as a flexible insert block, for sealing a cable or pipe, or as a (temporary) blind block.
Existing HandiBlocks equipped with a HandiPlug, which originally function as a blind block, can easily be reused at a later stage for the passage of a cable or pipe. To this end, after partial disassembly of the window, the plug only has to be removed and the InsertStrips have to be adapted to the measured diameter of the cable or pipe to be fed through.

There are clear markings on the InsertStrip to indicate different cable diameters. The HandiBlocks can be used in combination with all other types of blocks from MCT Brattberg, such as InsertBlocks, blind blocks, U-Blocks and AddBlocks. By using original parts in the transit, this remains a certified solution, even after reinstallation.

Insert strips, mainblocks and handiplugs are also available separately.

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