News > Silver medal EcoVadis 2023 for MCT Brattberg!

Silver medal from EcoVadis over 2023 for MCT Brattberg!

The ongoing commitment to sustainable development by MCT Brattberg is progressing positively, as affirmed by the latest EcoVadis evaluation. MCT Brattberg has achieved an average score of 63 points, indicating the efforts are on the right track.

EcoVadis, an internationally recognized and impartial ranking organization, aided MCT Brattberg in assessing their sustainability initiatives comprehensively. MCT Brattberg diligently provided documentation for evaluation across four crucial areas: environment, ethics, labor and human rights, and sustainable procurement. As a result of these endeavors, MCT Brattberg proudly earned a silver medal in 2023, positioning them just a few points away from attaining a gold medal.

MCT Brattberg is actively pursuing the additional points required to reach the coveted gold status, set at an average score of 66 points. The EcoVadis assessment motivates the people from MCT Brattberg to continually enhance their practices, fostering intelligent and secure processes, an improved work environment, and a reduced environmental footprint.

MCT Brattberg: putting safety first!

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