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Insert blocks per set

MCT Brattberg filler blocks, like the standard Insert Block, have always been sold as half blocks until now. This meant that some cables required exactly twice as many half-blocks to seal them where they were passed through a grommet. This sometimes caused confusion for some customers, because they assumed as many blocks as there were cables needed. With the recent arrival of the HandiBlock, the flexible block that can accommodate 13 different cable diameters in one basic block, the confusion was further increased, because the HandiBlock was sold in pairs as standard: one pair of 2 half HandiBlocks for each cable. To avoid this confusion, MCT Brattberg will switch to a new minimum order unit from March 1st: two half blocks. This will apply to all MCT Brattberg transit blocks intended to seal cables: the standard Insert Blocks, HandiBlocks, U-Blocks, AddBlocks and all variants thereof, such as EMC shielding blocks or ATEX certified blocks.

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Recently MCT Brattberg introduced HandiBlocks. The HandiBlock is a flexible block, which comes in 4 different outer sizes, with which different cable diameters can be sealed per block. In total, cables from 4 to 5 mm can be sealed with only 4 blocks. For this, the HandiBlock must be adjusted to the diameter of the cable that is fed through it. This can be done very easily, by tearing off the existing InsertStrips and placing the correct size of the compression ring on both outsides of the MainBlock.

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