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CCM150 Casting Module

The CCM150 casting module is designed to be poured into a concrete wall (for onshore projects). The collapse creates a round, watertight sealed opening that can later be used for the installation of a transit with cables or pipes. The module is designed for 150mm diameter penetrations. The RGP150 transits are perfect to use for this. As long as the casting module is not used, a round hole is created in the wall, which is sealed watertight with a thin plastic wall.

Depending on the thickness of the wall, the CCM can be extended with a standard PVC pipe, which itself must be cut to size, so that an even round hole is created over the entire depth of the wall as soon as the wall has been poured.

The benefits of using the CCM150 Embedded Module are:

  • Waterproof Seal
  • Specially made for penetrations of 150mm
  • Multiple modules can be linked (butterfly cutouts).
  • Simple mounting prior to pouring the concrete wall (fastening module to concrete reinforcement with e.g. tie-wraps)
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