Type approvals

Highly classified structures and buildings require classified transits. The cable or pipe passing through a wall or floor must not, under any circumstances, be the weak link in the overall installation. Regulations are often strict, classification is required in many environments, and for this reason, a classified cable penetration can provide guaranteed reliability. MCT Brattberg penetrations are classified by a large number of classification societies and authorities.

MCT Brattberg strives not only to fulfill existing standards and comply with today’s regulations, but also focuses on future legislative and regulatory developments. One example is the continuous activity initiated from the EU, to harmonize national regulations and achieve uniform standards, for both maritime and industrial market segments. The emergence of new standards is closely monitored by MCT Brattberg to ensure that new requirements can be met as soon as they come into force.



Certificates from Lloyds and DNV are available for download below. For other certificates or drawings and documents please feel free to contact us.


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