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Customized cable transit

MCT Brattberg cable glands are available in many sizes, which can be used to seal almost all sizes of cables. As standard, the blocks from MCT Brattberg offer space for cables with a diameter of 3 to 100 mm. The availability of multiple frames , extendable in both horizontal and vertical directions, also makes it possible to seal very large numbers of cables. The format of the multiple frame can also be well adapted to the width of the cable duct, so that the cables do not have to be bent unnecessarily when passing through the passage opening.

Apart from the already very extensive range of cable entry blocks and entry windows from MCT Brattberg, customization is also possible. This applies to both the custom delivery of blocks and the custom delivery of windows. This is because all windows and blocks are produced in-house at the supplier itself, in Sweden.

With cables or pipes with a different shape, such as oval ducts or trapezoidal cables, it may happen that a standard block with a round hole does not fit sufficiently with the cable to seal it sufficiently against water, dust, gas or fire penetration. In that case, a block can be made to measure on the basis of a test sample of the cable to be sealed. MCT Brattberg has also supplied specific blocks for customers, such as blocks with several small holes for the compact passage of very many cables. In addition, blocks are also available for sealing very large cables or pipes.

As far as the windows are concerned, in theory every wish can be fulfilled. For example, windows can be supplied with different formats, such as extra narrow windows, or a window can be manufactured that exactly fits an existing situation, where the cables are already present and can no longer change position.

If you are interested in the possibilities offered by MCT Brattberg for your specific transit situation, we will of course be happy to assist you.


Customized RGP implementation

The range of RGP (round) penetrations from MCT Brattberg consists of 7 different standard sizes. Here, too, there are options for customizing the round transit windows. For example, existing sizes of the RGP can be reduced or enlarged by cutting or adding the well-known Lycron rubber from MCT Brattberg. In certain cases, also depending on the requirements set for the transit, it is sometimes also possible to opt for a solution based on the RGPM, a high-pressure variant of the RGP. We like to think along with you to find the best possible solution for your specific location or situation.

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