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Cable transits for sensitive environments

There are magnetic fields around cables and other conductors, which can lead to induction. Lightning strikes are also a source of induction. This induction can lead to interfering electrical charges on surrounding cables. This charge on the cables can seriously disrupt the associated equipment.

Protection against EMI

EMC cable transits, also called E-MCT, protect equipment against such EMI influences, by guiding it away to earth via the conduit and thus keeping it completely outside the protected space or cabinet. The EMC cable transits from MCT Brattberg also have the same properties as the standard cable transits from MCT Brattberg, watertight, fire and pressure resistant.

EMC products from MCT Brattberg
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EMC Standards

The IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) develops and publishes general international standards for electrical components and equipment. The standards of the IEC are published in the Netherlands by the Netherlands Standardization Institute (NEN).

Grounding and bonding (G&B) can protect sensitive equipment from static charges and ensure that the equipment does not pose a serious shock hazard in the event of a lightning strike or electrical failure.

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